Five Strategic Pillars

Five Strategic Pillars

Our strategy, resilient by design and focused on magnifying our strengths, sets us apart from our competitors and keeps us firmly on the path of sustainable growth.


Growth through a UAE-Centric Approach with controlled internationalisation

We have made a conscious decision to pursue and stimulate growth from a position of strength in our own country - a dynamic, growing market of great ambition and vast business potential. As we are intensely customer-centric, we do follow key customers into markets they favour, allowing us to capitalize on global economic trade and investment flows. In this spirit, we have recently opened a representative office in London. That being said, we are a UAE bank, here to serve the people and businesses of the UAE with world-class products and exceptional customer service.


Sustainability through liability growth

As one of our key strategic levers, we have sought to develop a sustainable cost of funds advantage in the local market, seizing opportunities to bolster our balance sheet. In the current low-interest rate environment, in this time of renewed market confidence, we have increasingly converted fixed deposits to CASA to further lower our cost of funds as a sustainable way to fuel balance sheet growth, improve returns and retain liquidity.


Maintain a culture of service excellence and efficiency

We continue to invest in improving the overall customer experience, elevating quality and simplifying solutions to support our customers at their key moments on their individual journeys. To measure the customer experience, we employ a single enterprise-wide currency, Net Promoter Score or NPS.* With NPS as our metric, we have implemented real-time fast feedback loops to ensure we are always delivering on customer satisfaction.NPS accounts for at least 30% of each and every employee's performance evaluation. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reinforced monthly by our Customer Experience Working Group, chaired by the CEO - and is championed every day from the bottom to the top of our organisation by the people of ADCB.

*NPS is well-recognised as the ultimate measure of customer advocacy. NPS provides a good indication of future business outcomes in terms of market growth by recognising the positive impact of advocates. "Net Promoter Score" and "NPS" are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reicheld.


Manage our risk in line with a pre-defined risk strategy

At ADCB, we are risk-aware, not risk-averse, and our growth strategies strike a balance between being both ambitious and disciplined. Our risk appetite has been designed in partnership with our Board to ensure we see both acceptable and sustainable returns on equity whilst protecting the Bank. We are actively embedding a culture of informed risk management across ADCB, to not only benefit the Bank but also the greater UAE business community. Our risk teams collaborate with the front line to ensure that risk is balanced against profitable growth and to ensure we find the right solutions for both our customers and our investors. Together, we find a way to do the right business.


Success through staff

Our mission to build partnerships with customers that last a lifetime is entirely dependent upon the talent and tenacity of our people. At ADCB, we recognize that a bank's primary asset is human capital, and so we expend great energy on attracting, developing and retaining the best talent - with incentives aligned against our strategic objectives. The success of our efforts can be seen in our best-in-class retention amongst our peers. Our professional development, function-specific training academies and career advancement opportunities all work in harmony to promote individual growth and institutional excellence.