Investing in ADCB

Investing in ADCB

Local customer-centricity remains the cornerstone of our strategy. In serving the people and businesses of the UAE, we offer a better way to bank, by striking a balance between ambition and discipline. With a record ROE (return on equity) of 15.7% in 2016 (2015: 20.35%), our competitive standing stems from our ambition to deliver world-class service, yet we remain disciplined in the way we conduct our business and prudent in our risk management. This business model has not changed since the financial crisis and is articulated in our five strategic pillars:

  • Growth through a UAE-centric approach, with controlled internationalisation
  • Sustainability through liability growth
  • Maintain a culture of service excellence and efficiency
  • Manage our risk in line with pre-defined risk strategy
  • Success through staff

Our strategy is steady and consistent, yet agile and responsive to new opportunities and challenges. Building on our strategy, we have established a better way to bank and our ambition is to create the most valuable bank in the UAE. Going forward we will stay committed to our core geography and core businesses. All our businesses have made a significant contribution to our bottom line in 2016. Whilst lower oil prices pose a challenge, the UAE economy remains robust and diversified.

We pursue growth with a passion, but only the right kind of growth. So we continue with a granular build to our balance sheet, focusing on small and medium enterprises (SME), mid-corporates, and consumers.

We invest in technology innovation to make it simpler for our customers, whilst ongoing cost management initiatives help us to eliminate inefficiencies and maintain a stable cost-to-income ratio. The Bank-wide adoption of Net Promoter Score (NPS) has enabled us to ensure superior customer service by linking 30% of each employee's bonus to service excellence.

Our strong financial performance stems from a focus on earning deep customer loyalty, cross-selling, and increased emphasis on fee income generation across the Bank. We maintain high standards of corporate governance, recognised as a regional leader by Hawkamah and World Financemagazine. We see further strengthening of the regulatory environment, and ADCB is well prepared to comply with these new requirements introduced by the Central Bank including Basel III, liquidity and capital regulations.

Effective risk management is fundamental to our strategy. Our risk appetite is approved by the Board, and our strict enforcement of discipline uses measures such as RAROC (risk adjusted return on capital), Cost of risk for 2016 was 0.83%.

We have sought to develop a sustainable cost of funds advantage through low cost CASA (current account and savings account) deposits, by offering our customers award-winning cash management solutions. In 2016, CASA deposits constituted 42% of our total deposits. 

Our executive management team and strategy have been in place since 2009, and our focus on the customer remains absolute. We offer a straightforward business model with strong continuity, a clear geographic focus - the UAE- and a clear strategy focused on sustainable growth.

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