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Lifestyle Benefits

The benefits of being an ADCB Islamic Excellency client don’t stop when you leave the Bank. ADCB Islamic Excellency membership offers you access to a host of valuable and convenient services to simplify and enhance the life you live. From luxury travel offers to complimentary services at boutique hotels and resorts worldwide and exclusive shopping offers on prestige brands, everything Excellency offers is designed to suit your exclusive lifestyle.

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  • TouchPoints™ Rewards Programme

    The TouchPoints Rewards Programme from ADCB has been created to reward you when you use our products and services.
    The great thing about TouchPoints is that all you have to do to earn them is to enjoy the convenience of banking with ADCB.

    How it works is simple. Use ADCB Islamic Banking products or services and you are rewarded with TouchPoints, which you can redeem as vouchers to spend in some of the nation’s most prestigious Lifestyle, Electronics and Fashion outlets.

    You will earn TouchPoints for almost every ADCB Islamic Banking product or service you ‘touch’ from Home Finance to Savings, from Credit Cards to Investment Deposits, from Finances to Investment Products.

    In short, you earn TouchPoints when you spend using your ADCB Islamic Debit or Credit Card when you save with ADCB Islamic Banking, when you borrow from ADCB Islamic Banking and when you invest with ADCB Islamic Banking. You even get TouchPoints when you bank online with ADCB Islamic Banking!

    With nearly every ADCB Islamic Banking Product or Service you ‘touch’, you will be rewarded.

    Now frequent banking can make you a frequent flyer

    If a reward programme is only as good as its rewards, ours is miles above the rest. Now, when you earn TouchPoints with ADCB you can redeem them for flights on Emirates.

    Every seven TouchPoints earned equals one Skywards Mile because you are rewarded every time you use an Excellency Product or Service, not just on purchases. You’ll find your TouchPoints accumulate fast.

  • Shopping and Wellness Services

    • Promotional, “first look” and other valuable discounts on purchases through ADCB Excellency merchant alliance partners
    • Periodical offers on fine diamonds and stunning jewelry
    • Free golf at top course destinations around the globe
    • Complimentary spa treatment and resort amenities
  • Personal Protection

    Every ADCB Islamic Excellency client is entitled to a complimentary Life Takaful policy valued at AED 100,000. Know more

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Earn TouchPoints

With TouchPoints, get rewarded for every ADCB product or service you 'Touch'. Redeem your TouchPoints online for gift vouchers, utility bill payment, or even for Etihad Guest and Skywards Miles!

Zakat Fund

Make your charitable Zakat payments online,conveniently

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