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With extended working hours and unpredictable schedules, the challenges you face are unlike those in any other industry. Naturally, you need a bank that works around you – not the other way round.

Welcome to ADCB – Our banking solutions are tailored to your needs.

It’s our turn to help you reach your destination.

As a local leading bank of UAE, we bank on your ambitions. Your achievement is our success. And to help you achieve your financial ambitions, we bring you our suite of banking products and services, designed exclusively for the employees of Emirates Airlines.

Benefits of banking with ADCB include:

  • Award winning Mobile and Internet Banking platform
  • A selection of exceptionally rewarding credit cards
  • TouchPoints rewards for banking with us
  • A dedicated Relation Manager and much more

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  • More about ADCB

    ADCB is one of the largest retail banks in the UAE with 690,000* retail customers, over 52,000 whole sale clients. With assets over AED 228 billion, capital adequacy ratio of 19.8% and Tier 1 capital of 16.8%, ADCB is one of the strongest bank in the region financially. Abu Dhabi Investment Council has a 58.8% ownership share in ADCB. We also provide great convenience in banking with a well-spread out network of 49 branches and 305 ATMs.

    Below numbers provide a glimpse into the strength of retail banking at ADCB.

    • Every 1 second, AED 630 gets spent on an ADCB Card
    • Every 0.6 seconds, an ADCB Debit or Credit Card is used at a POS machine somewhere in the world
    • Every 0.8 seconds, someone uses an ADCB ATM
    • Every 1.3 minute, a new product is being sourced at ADCB
    • Every 3.5 seconds, someone logs into ADCB internet banking
    • Every 10.9 seconds, a customer transfers funds on ADCB internet banking
    • Every 15.2 seconds somebody pays a bill on IB

    *All numbers in this page have been updated as of October, 2016

  • Accounts

    Off to a flying start.

    For Emirates employees, opening an account is easy as well as rewarding. Simply transfer your salary to ADCB and earn TouchPoints on your first transfer.


    20,000 TouchPoints
    40,000 TouchPoints
    60,000 TouchPoints

    AED 5,000
    AED 15,000
    AED 75,000

    Who can qualify?

    Customers have not transferred salary to an ADCB account in the past 3 months with a minimum salary of AED 5,000 (credited to the account).

    When do you receive the TouchPoints?

    You will receive these TouchPoints within 60 days from the date of your salary being credited to the account.

    How to apply?

    SMS ADCBEK to 2626 and one of ADCB representatives will get in touch with you.

  • Offshore


    Access our leading offshore financial centre in Jersey to safeguard your family’s inheritance.

    What’s more, as an Emirates employee, you also enjoy special rates:

     Normal Rate Special rate for Emirates employees 
     Offshore Century Deposit USD
    (400 days)
     2.35% p.a. 2.60% p.a.
     Offshore Premium Saver (USD account)    Up to 1.25% p.a.  1.75% p.a.

    Additional benefits of Offshore Banking:

    • You can open accounts in US Dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling and other major currencies
    • One Relationship Manager for both onshore and offshore banking
    • Integrated internet access to both accounts

    Eligibility criteria:

    • ADCB Offshore Banking is currently open to clients maintaining the eligibility criteria of either Privilege Club or Excellency
    • An Offshore Banking relationship can be opened with a relationship balance* of at least USD $25,000 or currency equivalent **.
    *Relationship balance is the total aggregate balance maintained in your Deposit Accounts and the value of your Investment held in custody with ADCB Jersey. 
    **Offshore Banking Terms & Conditions Apply

    To know how offshore banking can work for you, SMS EKOS to 2626

  • Loans

    Ascend your dreams to reality.

    Whether you’re planning to purchase a car, own that home you’ve always dreamed to live in or just need help achieving your personal goals, loans from ADCB can help you move ahead in life.

    Enjoy preferential rates for Emirates employees on Personal Loans, Car Loans and Home Loans:

     Expats  UAE Nationals
      Personal Loan     as low as 5.25% p.a.    as low as 4.99% p.a.  
      Car Loan            as low as 2.25% p.a.   as low as 1.99% p.a. 
      Home Loan            First year rate starting from 3.25% p.a.
    1-year property insurance free
    1 free valuation
    25% discount on processing fee  

    How to apply?

    SMS ADCBEK to 2626 and one of ADCB representatives will get in touch with you

  • Wealth

    You have arrived.

    We understand how hard you work. That’s why, we offer you wealth plans that keep your financial growth on course with your ambitions. This journey, you don’t have to take alone.


    As an employee of the fast-moving airline industry, securing your future is vital. You enjoy preferential pricing when you decide to start a Systematic Investment Plans (SIP).

    Exclusive SIP benefits for Emirates employees:

      Book value of Investment
      (US Dollars) 
     Setup Fee
     Equity and Balanced Funds  Bond Funds
     Others EK staff Others  EK staff 
      0 - 249,999 2.00%  1.00%  1.00%  0.00%  
      250,000 - 1,000,000 1.50%  0.50%  1.00%  0.00% 
      1,000,000 - 2,499,999 1.00%  0.00%  0.50%  0.00% 
      2,500,000 and above 0.25%  0.00%  0.00%  0.00% 

    How to start a Systematic Investment Plan?

    To better understand how this investment can help you grow your savings, SMS EKSIP to 2626


    You carry the world. Now we help you carry yours. As an Emirates employee, enjoy additional bonus TouchPoints when you decide to take up an insurance policy through ADCB.

    Exclusive insurance benefits for Emirates employees:

    Touch Points Rewards - per AED 1000 APE*Touchpoints Cap
    Protection PlansSavings PlansLump Sum Plans
    4,0001,500500800,000 TP’s per Customer

    *APE: Annualized Premium Equivalent

    Eligible Products

    • All products offered through Zurich International Life, MetLife & AMAN (Except for Non-Contractual Plans)
    • Motor Insurance offered through Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC) – 10% discount on prevailing Motor Insurance Rates.
    • Motor Insurance offered through Oman Insurance (OIC) – 5% discount on prevailing Motor Insurance Rates.

    Terms and conditions apply. Click here to read the full list.

    How to subscribe to an Insurance Plan?

    SMS EKINS to 2626 and one of ADCB representatives will get in touch with you

    How to subscribe to a Motor Insurance Plan?

    SMS EKAUTO to 2626 and one of ADCB representatives will get in touch with you or call ADCB Direct landline on 04 426 5350

  • Referral

    Spread the word. Share the rewards.

    As an ADCB Customer, we invite you to refer your Emirates Airlines colleagues to enjoy the ADCB banking experience too. And on successful referrals, both you and your colleague receive a wealth of TouchPoints. After all, it pays to have friends in high places.

    TouchPoints earned on referrals:

     Referring employee (Referrer) Referred employee (Referee’s) product TouchPoints rewards  per referral
     Referrer            Referee            
    Current Emirates employee and ADCB customer referring any employee in Emirates. New ADCB Customer in Aspire Segment with Salary Transfer and  Credit Card 30,000 30,000
     New ADCB Customer (Privilege Segment) 50,000 50,000
     New ADCB Customer (Excellency Segment) 250,000 (Expat)
     350,000 (UAE National)

    Max cap for Touchpoints per year is 900,000 for Aspire and Privilege Customers and 1.75 million Touchpoints per year for Excellency Customers.

    How do you refer a colleague?

    It’s simple. Ask for their permission to pass on their details to ADCB and then:

    • SMS EKMGM to 2626 for an ADCB representative to call you back.

    Terms and conditions apply. Click here to read the full list.

  • TouchPoints

    Earn rewards every way you bank.

    ADCB TouchPoints is the most comprehensive bank wide loyalty programme in the UAE. Whether it’s shopping, dining, leisure, Air miles, charitable donations or utility bills, TouchPoints can be redeemed in almost everything you do.

    What’s more, as an Emirates employee, you can earn more than 2 million Touchpoints on your ADCB based on your ADCB relationship based on the following scenario where a customer has been referred by a colleague:

     Aspire Privilege Excellency
     Referred by a colleague 30,000 50,000 80,000
     Open account and transfer salary (sign-up bonus)  20,000 40,000 60,000
     Regular welcome Touchpoints* - 33,334 300,000
     Referral program maximum cap 900,000 900,000 1,750,000
     Take up insurance plan with APE** of AED 50,000   200,000 200,000 200,000
     Total Touchpoints (TPs) 1,150,000   1,223,334   2,390,000  
     Approx. AED value of TPs 6,900 7,340 14,340

    *For Privilege Customers, Welcome Touchpoints will be discontinued during the ‘SWITCH to ADCB’ campaign period of 1st March to 31st May 2017. For Excellency Customers, Welcome Touchpoints may not be valid if they participate in ‘SWITCH to ADCB’ campaign from 1st March 2017 to 31st May 2017. For Terms and Conditions, please visit

    Before you begin, learn more about where to earn and redeem TouchPoints on your ADCB Card.

    About ADCB TouchPoints

3 Simple Ways To Apply

SMS EKMGM to 2626

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  • Location

Click here to chat with an ADCB customer service agent.

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Earn TouchPoints

With TouchPoints, get rewarded for every ADCB product or service you 'Touch'. Redeem your TouchPoints
for gift vouchers, utility bill payment, or even for Etihad Guest and Skywards Miles!