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Exclusive Benefits

Excellency is a distinctive account designed with unique products and services to give you a banking experience that is truly exceptional. The hallmark of the Excellency Account is the outstanding customer service and convenience it offers, while preserving and growing your wealth. Welcome to an elite world of banking.

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  • Preferential Pricing

    As an Excellency client, we recognize that your need for a functional account is greater than others. That is why we offer our Excellency clients lower rates on transactions as well as preferential pricing on deposits.

  • Lending Against Assets

    With Excellency, we give you freedom of liquidity by lending against your local share holdings and other valuable assets.

  • Multiple Transaction Accounts

    We understand your need for multiple account and multi-currency transactions. That is why we provide you with an unlimited number of accounts such as savings, current, checking and currency transactions in major currencies like AED, USD, GBP and more.

  • Wide Branch Network and Excellency Centres

    In addition to our Excellency Centres, we have over 50 ADCB Branches throughout the UAE, a further two in India and 280 ATMs in the UAE.

  • Safe Deposit Lockers

    Our Safe Deposit Lockers facility is available at designated branches. Lockers of various sizes are offered on a short or long term basis, at competitive rental rates. The lockers can only be opened by using your key in combination with the bank master key, ensuring total security for your valuables. Access to lockers is available from Saturday to Thursday during banking hours, with assistance available for customers with special assistance in an emergency.

    Lockers are available at the following ADCB branches:

    Abu Dhabi

    • Al Salam Street Branch


    • Al Riggah Road Branch
    • Al Karama Branch

    Al Ain

    • Main Branch
    • Khalifa Branch
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