arrow Your erstwhile RBS accounts and customer information (now managed by ADCB) have been migrated. You will now be able to start using ADCB@ctive,
our award winning Personal Internet Banking service.

arrow ADCB@ctive is ISO certified and offers services like Salik payment, TouchPoints, Instant Remittance through IndiaOnline,
which were earlier not available to you through the e-Banking service.

How do I login to ADCB@ctive Personal Internet Banking?

Customers who were using

the erstwhile RBS e-Banking facility
Customers who were not using

the erstwhile RBS e-Banking facility
Use your existing CIF (or new ADCB CID) and existing e-Banking password. Don't remember your CIF? Click here.

Your e-Banking security token is not required anymore.

After logging in, you will be prompted to change your password to access your accounts.

Register with ADCB@ctive Personal Internet Banking by using your existing Debit Card number and ATM PIN.

If you don't have a Debit Card or only hold a Credit Card, please call our Contact Centre for assistance with ADCB@ctive registration.

arrow For assistance or more information, please email us at adcbactive@adcb.com or call us on 8002030 (within UAE) or +97126210090 (outside UAE).

Login to ADCB@ctive