Director's Remuneration Policy

Director's Remuneration Policy

Remuneration Policy

Directors' remuneration is set annually by the Board following delegation from the Bank's shareholders. Any proposals for changes are considered by the Nomination, Compensation & HR Committee prior to obtaining Board and, if necessary, shareholder approvals.

According to federal laws and the Bank's articles of association, Directors may not receive any remuneration in respect of a year where the Bank does not achieve net profits.


For details of remuneration paid to the Board in recent years click here to view Remuneration of Board and click here to view Remuneration of Board Committees.

Director's Interest in Bank Shares

For details of the Board members' interests in the Bank's shares, click here to view the Bank's latest annual report.

Our Benefits

Directors are eligible to receive, and have received, loans from the Bank. However, all loans are made on arms' length terms.

It has been the Bank's historical practice to grant gifts to Directors on an annual basis. The gifts are generally immaterial in value in the context of the Bank's overall financial position.