Code, Standards and Communications

Code, Standards and Communications

Corporate Governance Code

ADCB is committed to high standards of corporate governance. The Bank has adopted an internal code of corporate governance, which is based on local regulation and international best practices.

Click here to view the Bank's Corporate Governance Code, revised in 2015.

The Bank's Approach to Disclosure

In addition to the items mandated for public disclosure by the Securities and Commodities Authority's Regulations as to Disclosure and Transparency (as amended by Decision no. 75 Year 2004 and Decision no. 155 Year 2005) (the "Disclosure Regulations"), the Bank's corporate governance principles require the Bank to maintain high standards of disclosure and transparency.

Communications with Shareholders

In addition to the Bank's extensive disclosure through its annual report and website, the Chairman, and the Bank's strategic relations department, are in regular dialogue with the major shareholders and ensure that the Board understands their views. Enquiries are welcomed from shareholders and other stakeholders concerning their shareholdings and the business of the Bank, and are dealt with in an informative and timely manner. In this regard, the Bank instituted a feedback form on its Investor Relations website page. All shareholders are encouraged to attend the annual general assembly or appoint proxies to attend and vote in their stead.

Investor Relations

The Bank's Investor Relations Department is responsible for, amongst other things:

  • Investor and analyst relations
  • Material disclosures to investors and key Bank stakeholders

Visit Investor Relations web page.