Governance at ADCB

Governance at ADCB

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank believes in, and is committed to, good corporate governance, to provide a basis for its future development and corporate performance; to support trust in its activities as a recipient of depositors' funds and shareholders' capital; and, to enable it to contribute to the successful development of the financial system of Abu Dhabi.

The guiding principles of our corporate governance policies are fourfold:

  • Responsibility - the clear division and delegation of authority.
  • Accountability - in the relationships between management and the Board, and between the Board and the shareholders and other stakeholders.
  • Transparency - to enable stakeholders to assess the bank's financial performance and condition.
  • Fairness - in the treatment of all stakeholders.

The Bank's governance structure is headed by the Board, which has overall responsibility for guiding the Bank, including setting its strategy (including risk strategy). The Bank has a number of Board Committees and management committees which, together with their other responsibilities, oversee and monitor the day-to-day activities of the Bank. Further details about the committee structure are set out in the Structure and Composition chart . At ADCB, we believe that good governance is fundamental to the successful achievement of our goals. Our reporting lines are also an important part of our governance structure, and they support good governance in the following way:

  • The Chief Risk Officer is independent and reports to the Board Risk & Credit Committee;
  • The Head of Internal Audit is independent and reports to the Board Audit & Compliance Committee; and
  • The Board Secretary is independent and reports to the Board.

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