Executive Equity Policy

Executive Equity Policy

Minimum Shareholding Rule (Introduced in 2013)

The following terms apply to CEO and Direct Reports of CEO*

a. These employees are required to hold a minimum of 250,000 ADCB shares;

b. A minimum of 10% of the ADCB shares awarded to these employees after 1 January 2013 will be held after vesting until the Minimum Shareholding level is achieved;

c. If Deferred Compensation awarded after 01-Jan-2013 is not awarded in the form of ADCB shares, due to any reason, these employees will be required to buy ADCB shares from the market using vested Deferred Cash. In this case, 5% of each Deferred Compensation Award awarded and vested after 01-Jan-2013 must be used (on vesting) for the purchase of ADCB shares until the Minimum Shareholding level is achieved.

*Includes Group Chief Internal Auditor, who has a dotted line reporting to the CEO