Treasury & Capital

Treasury & Capital

At ADCB, we conservatively manage our capital, liquidity and funding to maintain a strong capital base and liquidity position to support the development of our business, to maintain strong credit ratings and to meet regulatory requirements at all times. Our Treasury division manages liquidity and acts as the gateway for all financial market transactions between ADCB and local and international counterparties including central banks and sovereign wealth funds. In our annual report we provide detailed information related to our liquidity, capital and risk management activities, including detailed quantitative information on relevant capital and risk trends.

Capital & Subordinated Debt

ADCB's ambition is to create the most valuable bank in the UAE. Key to building maximum value for our customers and shareholders is efficient capital management.

Funding & Liquidity

ADCB's liquidity and funding policy is designed to ensure that funding is available to meet all obligations in times of stress. We have access to markets worldwide and use a wide range of products and currencies to ensure that our funding is efficient and well diversified across markets and investor types.

Credit Ratings

ADCB's credit ratings and reports are issued by the leading agencies noted below.


ADCB issues securities that contribute to the strengthening of our capital position.

Issuances and Final Terms

ADCB offers a number of bond issuances for investors.


Press Releases

The latest news and press information about ADCB.



Our integrated approach to building maximum long-term value for all stakeholders.


Corporate Governance

The award-winning governance policies that provide the basis for future development and corporate performance.