ADCB Launches BusinessEdge

14 December 2008

Abu Dhabi, 14 Dec 2008: Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Business Banking Group announced recently the launch of four new transaction banking packages primarily targeted at the Small & Medium Enterprises (SME). The new packages are positioned to attract and reward customers who can take the benefit of higher value of account relationship. The tariffs for transactions are based on the account variant chosen by the customer and are progressively decreasing in nature with the increase in value of relationship.

ADCB BusinessEdge comprises many service packages including ADCB BusinessEdge Elite, ADCB BusinessEdge Preferred, ADCB BusinessEdge Premium and ADCB BusinessEdge Priority. These products are available in four major currencies AED, EURO, USD & GBP and they are also available in the Sharia Compliant Financial Solutions. The four new packages are christened under the new branding for SME services of the bank. SME services of ADCB are being brought under the umbrella of ADCB BusinessEdge branding which aims to deliver cutting edge solutions to grow SME businesses. The brand represents innovation and responsiveness to customer requirements.

Business Banking Group SME division has currently built a new team of liability advisors to offer dedicated service to the customers in the SME segment. The division is committed to offer better value proposition to the client with excellent services through the extensive branch network. The launch of BusinessEdge benchmarks ADCB's foray as a banking service provider for SME segment.