One more lucky ADCB customer wins $1,000,000 in ADCB's Million Dollar Dreams 4 Grand Draw

30 December 2009

Abu Dhabi, 30 December 2009: ADCB announced today the winner of the million dollar prize for its Million Dollar Dreams 4 deposit product. Mr. S.H. Mohammad, from India and working in Dubai, won US Dollar 1,000,000 in the ADCB Million Dollar Dreams 4 Grand Draw. Mr. Mohammad is the 4th winner who has won a Million Dollars from ADCB's Million Dollar Dreams deposit product.

Mr. Mohammad was overwhelmed when he was informed of his good fortune and he conveyed this immediately to his wife, with whom he has an 18 month old son. Mr. Mohammad said that this is a life changing experience. He plans to donate some money to charity, maybe buy a house and start a savings plan for his son's future.

"ADCB is pleased to announce the fourth winner of the final round of the US Dollar 1,000,000 grand prize in the Million Dollar Dreams 4 Deposit programme.
The Million Dollar Dreams 4 has made Mr. Mohammad's dreams come to reality. We at ADCB congratulate him and his family and wish them all the happiness and success. With its unique features of 2% p.a. interest on a 12 month deposit and a pre-defined probability of 1 customer in 5000 winning a million dollars, the Million Dollar Dreams program has strengthened the ADCB brand equity by being one of the most popular products with ADCB customers" Mr. Deepak Rochlani Head of Liabilities, ADCB stated.

"The Million Dollar Dreams Series 1 to 4 gave away cash and prizes worth AED 16.9 million over 4 years. The programme received a fantastic response from customers. We have also received feedback from customers that they would like to see the frequency of draws to be increased. In response to our customer feedback, we are discontinuing Million Dollar Dreams program and making our ADCB Meethaq Millionaire Destiny Savings Account (MDSA) bigger and better. MDSA will, starting next year, give away AED 1,000,000 every quarter and also give away 100 prizes of 100,000 TouchPoints each to ADCB customers. MDSA is a unique savings account which allows customers access to their funds anytime and anywhere through our branches and Alternate Channels whilst they participate in the Monthly TouchPoints Prize Draws and Quarterly AED 1 Million Grand Prize Draws." Mr. Rochlani concluded.