ADCB Launches ADCB Funds FCP-SIF in Luxembourg

04 August 2009

Abu Dhabi, 4 August 2009: Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank today announced the launch the ADCB Funds FCP-SIF, a Luxembourg domiciled Specialised Investment Fund designed to provide global institutional and private investors with a vigorously regulated European entry point through which to participate in the dynamic UAE market.

Investors in the Fund will benefit from efficiently managed, low cost access to an exciting and promising array of investment vehicles, as well as the opportunity to custody assets in a safe offshore jurisdiction. ADCB Funds (Luxembourg) will initially provide the gateway for three ADCB Master Funds - Al Nokhitha Fund, ADCB MSCI UAE Index Fund, ADCB MSCI Arabian Markets Index Fund.

"The launch of ADCB Funds FCP-SIF in Luxembourg aligns squarely with the Bank's broader strategy to expand and diversify our client base to include a healthier percentage of expatriate and non-UAE-domiciled clients," noted Mark Friedenthal, Head of Fund Management, ADCB. "The Luxembourg jurisdiction is well-known within the global investment community to provide the highest levels of regulatory oversight and adherence. Clients benefit from this security, as well as the balanced mix of both passive and actively managed funds to suit individual investment appetites."

The minimum amount of investment required from an individual investor in the Fund is EUR 125,000.