ADCB supports "Ramadan to Remember"

09 September 2009

Abu Dhabi, 9 September 2009: In line with its endeavors to support the community it serves, ADCB announced its sponsorship of a Special Event for Orphans "A Ramadan to Remember" taking place throughout the entire month of Holy Ramadan at the Cristal Hotel Abu Dhabi.

The memorable Ramadan event for 25 children- full of fun, excitement and compassion will be a good chance to give away something more valuable and true to the spirit of Ramadan. ADCB has always been a leader in supporting similar initiatives as part of its social responsibility. This sponsorship comes in the Holy month of Ramadan for the benefit of the orphans as an indication of the bank's interest to support this category.

"We, at ADCB, are happy to share these precious days of A Ramadan to Remember with the Orphans, special children most deserving of our attention and care. Through this special event, we confirm our dedication to support and develop effective programmes and events for orphans. This initiative is driven by our belief in the importance of our responsibility towards the community we serve ", Ala'a Eraiqat, Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank stated.