ADCB is the first GCC bank to qualify to issue Global Medium Term Programme (GMTN)

23 September 2009

Abu Dhabi, 23 September 2009: Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC ("ADCB") is pleased to announce the completion of the update of its Global Medium Term Programme ("GMTN").

Mr. Ala'a Eraiqat, CEO of ADCB, stated that while the Bank had actively issued debt in the past under its European Medium Term Note Programme ("EMTN"), the preparation and completion of the disclosure and due diligence processes required to update the GMTN to meet the rigorous international transparency and disclosure standards has been an arduous and rewarding task for the senior management at ADCB. The management team at ADCB worked closely with teams of professional advisers through many months in order to complete the GMTN update. He also stated that the update required extracting substantial amounts of information from the bank's management information systems to meet the disclosure and due diligence requirements.

ADCB has regularly issued debt securities in the past, completing a number of public and private transactions in recent years. Among such issuances are its placement of AED1.3bn (US$354m) of Regulation S floating rate notes in May 2009 and its issuance of SGD145m (US$99.5m) of Regulation S two-year fixed rate notes in June 2008. ADCB believes that this GMTN update will allow it to offer a range of debt securities throughout global debt capital markets.

ADCB is currently holding investor meetings to communicate information directly and transparently with capital market specialists and investors regarding ADCB's franchise, portfolio and financial results. These meetings are being conducted in Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Abu Dhabi, among other international financial centers.

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