ADCB unite with Higher Colleges of Technology to recruit 100 students

17 January 2012

Abu Dhabi, 17 January 2012: Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank ("ADCB") today announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Higher Colleges of Technology ("HCT") to sponsor HCT students as a further step to achieve excellence in its sustainable Emiratization drive.

ADCB's student sponsorship programme provides the opportunity for a total of 100 male and female students to be recruited to work for the Bank across its operations. All UAE students will be selected on their academic performance, requiring good academic standing in terms of grades and integrity and must have two academic years or less to complete their education with HCT.

Students involved in the ADCB-HCT programme must be enrolled in relevant academic courses as they will be committed to joining ADCB for a minimum of 24 months on a post-graduate training course. Depending on their field of study and graduating academic level, the sponsored students will be placed into roles ranging from entry level, officer to management trainee. In addition to the practical training, ADCB will provide students with a monthly sponsorship stipend until the completion of their training programme.

Mr. Ali Darwish, Executive Vice President and Head of Human Resources Group at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, commented "Our tie-up with HCT is crucial in the development of the UAE. This country has a bright future ahead that needs to be reinforced with qualified young people. Local educational institutions have improved tremendously over the past decades by customising their programmes according to the market's demand. However, receiving practical training is equally important as it allows future graduates to apply their skills in real life situations, teaching them how to face challenges that might cross their career paths."

Dr. Tayeb Kamali, Vice Chancellor of the Higher Colleges of Technology said the ADCB student sponsorship programme will help to prepare HCT's Emirati graduates for in-demand banking careers in an increasingly globalised economy.

"This partnership with ADCB will result in developing our graduates with the knowledge, skills and confidence to contribute effectively to the nation and its growing economy and to reach their full potential," Dr Kamali said.

"It is also very pleasing and commendable to see ADCB taking this proactive step towards employing and training young Emiratis, and we will give them every assistance possible to achieve their Emiratization goals," Dr Kamali added.