ADCB Wealth Professionals Achieve Record-Breaking Results with International Investment Certification

06 January 2013

  • ADCB achieves pass rate of 90%,compared to CISI global pass rate of 61%

  • Customers to benefit from internationally accredited wealth management professionals

Abu Dhabi, 6 January 2013: Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank "ADCB" announced today that 121 wealth professionals from the ADCB Consumer Banking Group were awarded the CISI- International Introduction to Securities and Investments (IISI) Certification.

With a pass rate of 90%, ADCB has set a new benchmark for the IISI certification results, versus the global pass rate currently stands at 61%. In addition, among the 121 successful professionals, 19 of them achieved the award with a merit pass of over 90%. Another 50 ADCB professionals have undertaken the exam by the end 2012, as the IISI has become a mandated qualification within the bank for all relationship managers selling investment products.

On this occasion, Ali Darwish-Head of Human Resources at ADCB commented, "We are constantly adhering to the highest standards of quality in the level of service we provide to our customers, and we truly believe that investing in the long-term career development of our employees - one of our greatest resources - is the way to do just that. Our wealth management team's record-breaking achievement is a sign of their commitment and dedication to the industry, and we look forward to continuing this trend with the next set of results."

Arup Mukhopadhyay, Head of Consumer Banking at ADCB said, "This is a game-changing initiative as it raises the bar for professionalism in the industry. The pass-rate achievement is a continuing testament to ADCB's position as an industry leader, providing services to our customers that are delivered by a team of highly qualified professionals."

Simon Culhane, Chartered FCSI and CEO of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment said: "We are delighted to congratulate all of the 121 ADCB candidates who achieved their Award, which demonstrates their commitment to high professional standards. Their remarkable result was possible with the ongoing support of ADCB and we hope their example will be an inspiration to many other firms in the region."

The IISI certification is a stand-alone global qualification specifically designed for the investment sector that focuses on international markets and provides an overview of every aspect of the industry. The programme was facilitated via ADCB's flagship corporate university, known as AMBITION University - in partnership with CISI UK, the examining body, and 7City Learning - to deliver a total of 60 hours of combined learning through online and actual courses over a six month period.

Andreas Karaiskos, 7City Learning Managing Director said: "7City Learning was proud to partner with ADCB's leadership who have a clear vision and dedication in developing highly skilled investment professionals. The CISI qualification is an international standard, and the first time pass rates achieved by ADCB's bankers are remarkable, demonstrating a thorough understanding the exams subject matter. Ultimately, it is the clients who will be the main beneficiaries of this successful initiative, and that sends out a positive statement to the industry."