ADCB Sponsors 'EWS-WWF Heroes of the UAE Private Sector Programme' to Promote Corporate Responsibility and Reduce Carbon Footprint

07 May 2014


Abu Dhabi, 7 May 2014:In its continued drive to promote responsible corporate practices, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) has sponsored the EWS-WWF Heroes of the UAE Private Sector Programme event: Reducing the UAE's Carbon Footprint - A Corporate Heroes Award Ceremony and Workshop.

Held at the Yas Viceroy Hotel in Abu Dhabi recently, the event recognizes organizations that have successfully reduced their carbon emissions by a minimum of 10 per cent over the past 12 months. The 2014 'Verified Corporate Heroes' - Liberty Investment and Yas Viceroy Hotel - were recognized for their achievements in reducing carbon emissions associated with energy by 27% and 12% and water by 29% and 14% respectively.

The awards ceremony was followed by a panel discussion where the 2014 'Verified Corporate Heroes' spoke about the lessons learned and challenges faced to achieve energy and water efficiency, and an interactive session where attendees participated in a EWS-WWF's 'Energy and Water Efficiency Activity', which educates users on practical and relevant ways to boost efficiency in the office.

The event was opened by Ida Tillisch, Director General of EWS-WWF, Abdulnasser Ali Alshamsi, Head of Water Resources at the Ministry of the Environment & Water and Huda Houqani, Director of the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi's Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group, who spoke about the importance of efficient energy and water management in the UAE.

In further support of the programme, ADCB extended invitations to several of its SME corporate clients, who attended the event to learn about energy and water efficiency through a capacity-building exercise that will enable them to become more cost and energy efficient in their own businesses.

Dr. Majdi Abdel Mudhi, Head of Corporate Communications at ADCB, stated, "ADCB is proud to demonstrate its full support of Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 with regards to sustainability, by sponsoring the EWS-WWF Heroes of the UAE Private Sector Programme ceremony event. The event recognizes good corporate citizens who have demonstrably reduced their carbon footprint and can serve as good role models for other corporates to emulate to reduce their own ecological footprint and tackle climate change."

He added: "To help meet the needs of the future, it is important that all organizations act responsibly internally and externally to reduce carbon emissions and improve resource efficiencies."

Ida Tillisch, from a EWS-WWF perspective, noted "We are proud to recognize Liberty Investment Company and Yas Viceroy Hotel as the 2014 Verified Corporate Heroes for their achievement in energy and water conservation. Our Corporate Heroes have consistently proven that it makes sense to reduce their energy and water consumption, leading to environmental benefits and financial savings: on average, eight companies in the programme have reduced their CO2 emissions by 16% with less than a 16 month payback on their investments. We also thank ADCB for sponsoring the award ceremony that recognized the new Verified Corporate Heroes and engaged government and private sector entities about the business case for energy and water efficiency."

The Heroes of the UAE Private Sector Programme was launched in May 2010 to motivate and inspire organizations to reduce their energy and water consumption. It is a national campaign focusing on energy and water conservation to help address the country's high per capita ecological footprint and tackle climate change.