ADCB Appoints Head of London Representative Office

20 January 2015

David Manson will spearhead the development of ADCB's UK market plans

Abu Dhabi, 20 January 2015 - Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) today announced the appointment of David Manson as Country Head, UK and Head of the ADCB (UK) Representative Offi ce in London. With 30 years of experience in the Middle East and Asia Pacific, David Manson will be leading ADCB's strategy and business developments for the UK business.

The announcement marks ADCB's ambitious stride towards building an increasingly international and cross-border presence and supporting the deep financial linkages between UK and the UAE. Building on the UAE's rising international influence and London's role as a pre-eminent financial centre, the appointment reflects a strategic move by ADCB to capitalize on financial trends and encourage enterprises to invest in UAE markets.

Colin Fraser, Head of Wholesale Banking at ADCB said: "David will be an instrumental piece to our international business as ADCB strives to expand its client services cross-border and in major international money centres. His experience and knowledge of both UK and UAE markets will be a key driver in facilitating financial transactions between both countries, tapping global financial markets and driving further investment opportunities for ADCB. We are proud to welcome David to the team." 

Manson brings nearly 30 years of international experience to his new role with ADCB, the majority in the Middle East and Asia Pacific with Standard Chartered. Based in the UAE for over three years before moving on to hold Country CEO positions in Australia, Vietnam and Jordan. Since returning to UK, he served as Head of Cash Management for RBS and subsequently Head of Liquidity Management at Barclays. Prior to joining ADCB, Manson served as Country General Manager for Qatar National Bank (QNB) in London for the last two years.

David Manson, Country Head & Head of the ADCB Representative Office in London said: "I am delighted to be a part of the ADCB team. I am looking forward to expanding ADCB's reach and providing valuable support to our UAE clients looking to invest in international markets. I believe the London representative office serves as a platform for the expansion of ADCB's financial activities on an international scale." 

The office will remain representative in nature for the immediate future and will not directly undertake transactions or any Regulated Activities in the UK market.