ADCB offers its customers instant paperless personal loans

08 November 2015

Pre-approved personal loans are now 3 clicks away from anywhere in the world with funds credited to the account in less than one minute.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) is offering customers instant paperless pre-approved personal loans, available online from anywhere in the world and at any time of day or night. This innovative concept in the consumer banking space was the first to be implemented in the country 5 months ago. It was inspired by the bank's commitment to helping people achieve their ambitions, and ensuring hassle free, paperless, instant transaction by eliminating the processing period of lending approvals and offering instant credit of funds to the customers' accounts.

ADCB's pre-approved customers can log on to their accounts online at any time of day or night, from anywhere in the world, complete a three-click application process, following which the funds of their personal loan will instantly be credited to their accounts.

"Applying for a personal loan, most of the time, is an immediate need of funds - usually for personal emergencies or urgent medical treatment. To attend to such instant needs, we have developed this innovative and cutting-edge service. It takes the pain away, and enables our existing customers to receive funds in a hassle free self-service manner." said Abdul Shakeel Abdul Hameed, Head of Retail Banking at ADCB.

"Maintaining customer service excellence and efficiency has always been at the heart of ADCB's objectives. Our secure and award-winning Internet Banking platform now lets customers go beyond the traditional online transactions. Instant credit of funds is now literally few clicks away." continued Abdul Shakeel.

"I'm a working mother, so it is always challenging to run errands and go the bank as I prefer to spend this time with my children," said Ana Barredo, who recently benefited from the instant loan facility. "As promised by ADCB, the process was indeed quick, simple and easy. The funds were disposed immediately into my account."

All pre-approved customers receive an official notification every month informing them about their eligibility to benefit from the instant loan facility. Loan eligibility depends on the customer's profile and credit behavior history.