Economic Growth

Economic Growth

Growth is at the heart of Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, and ADCB is supporting economic growth through internal and commercial investments. We are executing a growth strategy that aims to create sustainable long-term value for shareholders—and strengthen the UAE banking sector in the process. We also support economic growth across the UAE by making efficient and responsible investments in infrastructure projects, and by developing new programs that help individuals, local businesses of all sizes, and society make sustainable progress.

Financial Performance

ADCB values our shareholders' investments and strives to deliver significant returns to shareholders through responsible internal operations and successful commercial decisions. We endeavour to balance financial rewards on investments in the short term with long-term sustainability initiatives that ensure business continuity and create value.

For a detailed discussion of ADCB's financial performance, we invite readers to review our investor relations website.

Infrastructure Development

Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 calls for building a sufficient and resilient infrastructure that can support a more diverse and sustainable economy, while taking necessary steps to protect the environment. ADCB supports this vision by participating in public-private partnerships that aim to build new energy, transport, telecommunications and technology assets.

Access to Finance

Our approach supports the UAE vision, which calls for building a resilient infrastructure to provide a more diverse and sustainable economy, while taking necessary steps to protect the environment. It also supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and addresses environmental and social issues identified by our stakeholders.

ADCB promotes sustainable development by focusing on financing solutions on environmental and social infrastructure projects, by providing access to financial services to underserviced groups, by creating opportunities and enhancing financial literacy in our community to improve livelihoods, by supporting global and regional initiatives, and through our distribution channels.

Social and Environmental financing solutions

ADCB encourages lending to promote environmental and social standards and focuses on financing key sectors that drive sustainable economic growth. We are currently in the process of formalising our policy principles to integrate ESG (environment, social and governance) considerations into our credit lending practices, as well as developing screening tools to be used in assessing lending applications. We are currently considering adopting the requirements of the Equator Principles within 2018.

Sharjah Multi-Fuel Waste-to-Energy Project
ADCB approved credit facilities of up to USD 75 million to finance the construction of a landmark waste-to-energy project in the UAE. Developed by Masdar, a UAE head-quartered regional leader and a major international player in renewable energy and sustainable urban development; in partnership with Bee'ah, the Middle East's leading and award-winning environmental management company, this cutting-edge waste-to-energy plant in Sharjah expects to divert approximately 300,000 tonnes of solid waste away from landfill each year. This marks a significant contribution to Sharjah's effort to reach its "zero waste-to--landfill" target and the UAE's goal of diverting 75% of waste from landfills by 2021.

National Central Cooling Company PJSC (TABREED)
Tabreed is the region's leading district cooling utility company, and a key part of the district energy systems that are the foundation of sustainable economic and urban development in the UAE. ADCB has been actively supporting Tabreed's growth over the past decade. In 2017, ADCB contributed 40% of the facility amount, in a AED 1.513 billion 10-year Islamic finance facility, which was used to refinance a portion of Tabreed's existing debt and to fund capital expenditure on the construction of additional district cooling plants on behalf of the Government of Abu Dhabi.

With a longer lifecycle and long-term service contracts, district cooling offers unparalleled economies of scale for customers while delivering a cleaner, greener solution, offering:

  • Up to 50% less electricity consumption vs traditional cooling or heating systems
  • Reduced CO2 emissions as a consequence of lower energy consumption
  • Longer equipment life (district cooling facilities need to be replaced only every 30 years compared to 15 years for traditional air conditioning)
  • Greater reliability and substantially lower annual costs

Climate Change Initiatives 
We seek to reduce our impact on climate change by improving efficiencies in energy and resource consumption across our operations. For more information on how we manage our environmental footprint and climate change initiatives, we invite readers to visit:

Financing underserviced communities

ADCB continues to demonstrate its commitment to serve the underserviced and underbanked populations by delivering innovative financial solutions to create further opportunities and accelerate economic growth.

Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
SMEs are well known for their strong contribution to economic growth. ADCB actively focuses on servicing this customer segment as part of our commitment to sustainable growth. During 2016-2017 ADCB maintained support for SMEs at a time when other banks pulled back. Loans to SME's rose by 6% year-on-year.

ADCB is one of the top lenders to SME businesses in the UAE, our home market.

We offer best in class financial and payment solutions to our SME clients, such as:

  • Business First offers a one-stop combination of various banking products and services whereby customers receive a set package of free or preferentially-priced products and services in exchange for a pre-defined monthly fee. These include cheque books, ProCash online banking access, cheque pick-up facilities, corporate cheque scanning solutions, domestic/international electronic fund transfers, wage protection system, corporate salary transfer and so on. This solution has resulted in approximately 80% migration of SME customers from traditional branch banking to digital self-service channels, with cost avoidance being core to ADCB's efforts, most of which was passed on in the form of up to 40% savings back to clients.
  • ProCash is an online banking solution enabling clients to avail of account services, online statements and advices, utility bill payments, payment solutions, salary payments, alerts and so on, providing a seamless end-to-end experience. Special services have been added specifically-tailored for SMEs: Relationship Manager name and contact details, a 360 view of assets and liabilities, option to download their consolidated statement, and a self-service module enabling them to request duplicate statements, balance confirmation letters, enroll themselves for electronic statements, update their trade license and contact details.
  • Purely Business is a Web portal designed to meet the needs of the SME business community. Purely Business offers access to a support network that provides expert knowledge, management solutions, financing advice and other resources of value to anyone seeking to start, maintain or grow a business.
  • Merchant Services, a progressive payment solution, which offers highly secure, end to end delivery across multiple platforms such as instore POS machines, mobile payments, eCommerce payment gateway. This enables both SMEs and customers greater access to finance through payment solutions that meet their needs.

ADCB and the Khalifa Fund have also partnered to promote entrepreneurship forums in the UAE, to encourage discussion and innovative ways to build the entrepreneurial framework for SMEs in the UAE.

ADCB supports microfinancing through our branches in India, in line with the goals and requirements of the Indian Government, including RBI (Reserve Bank of India).

Financial inclusion: Creating opportunity and building financial capacity

ADCB provides financial literacy, technical skills and English-language training to UAE Nationals through internal training programs and sponsors external organisations devoted to addressing these issues.

In 2016, the Bank deepened its partnership with the Emirates Foundation to promote financial literacy in the UAE. ADCB has continued its community outreach on the MoneySense programme into 2017. For more information about our work with the Emirates Foundation to promote financial literacy in the UAE, we invite readers to visit our Financial Literacy section.

"Child savings accounts developed by the ADCB Islamic Banking group encourage good saving habits."

Islamic Banking Child Savers Account and the Student Savers Account
ADCB's products, such as the Islamic Banking Child Savers Account and the Student Savers Account, also enable us to bank under-represented populations. In 2017, we opened 15 and 512 new accounts, respectively, with new Student Savers Accounts increasing since launch in 2016, up from 27 to 512 new accounts year on year.
This encourages customers to adopt a more responsible savings culture and is further supported by other products, such as the Emirati Millionaire Savings Account, and the Millionaire Destiny Savings Account.

Partnerships that support global and regional initiatives

Our partnerships with global and regional organisations further support our Sustainability Strategy. Our strategic partnerships include the Emirates Wildlife Society (EWS-WWF), the Khalifa Fund, the Emirates Foundation and the Al Jalila Foundation. Through these alliances, ADCB contributes directly and indirectly to support the community and deliver sustainable growth in line with social and environmental considerations.

For more information, we invite readers to visit:

ADCB's distribution network

ADCB's branch network reaches far beyond urban areas to service the broader UAE community. As at 31 Dec 2017, ADCB had 47 branches, 3 pay offices and 2 branches in India, 1 branch in Jersey and representative offices in London and Singapore, in addition to our internet banking platform and mobile app. In 2017, we facilitated access to finance through our electronic platforms:

Facts & Figures*:

  • 49% active users for internet banking
  • 67% active users for mobile banking

* as at 31 Dec 2017