Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

At ADCB, we foster a work environment that embraces diversity, brings a wide range of experiences and insights to the Bank, and acts as a catalyst for creativity and innovation. Our commitment has resulted in a diverse workforce by age, nationality, religion, gender and individuals with disabilities. We place a special focus on gender diversity across all levels of the organisation. In the past few years, we have has seen a significant number of women join the Bank and rise to important leadership positions.

Facts & Figures:

  • 79 countries represented by ADCB employees*
  • 39% female employees*

Tamooha - Empowering Emirati women with a unique work group of their own

Tamooha - Employment Initiative for Emirati Women

In 2014, ADCB launched "Tamooha," an innovative talent development platform to empower Emirati women in the employment market. This new work-from-home initiative facilitates job opportunities and career development for women by providing an appropriate environment that suits social norms, family responsibilities and regional barriers such as geographical remoteness.

ADCB was awarded the "Women in Leadership Achievement" under the category of best DNI (Diversity and Inclusion Initiative) at the Global Women in Leadership Economic Forum 2017. Tamooha has also been recognized for exceptional customer experience at the Gulf Customer Experience Awards for Tamooha in the category of 'Innovative Approach to Emiratisation to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience,' and by the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group in 2015 for Best Sustainability Initiative. Read press release.

Facts & Figures:

  • Over 144 UAE national women employed through Tamooha*

Empowering Female Leadership

ADCB has made some significant strides towards empowering women, and our female employee ratio ranks strong among leading UAE banks. Our achievement is the direct result of our efforts and practices in hiring, training and empowering our female workforce. Some of our success stories include:

ADCB Board of Directors

In 2013 Aysha Al Hallami became the first woman on the Bank's Board of Directors. By so doing, we became one of the first banks in the GCC to embrace female representation at the most senior level of the organization, aligning ourselves with global best practices in corporate governance to promote gender diversity and further supporting the UAE's efforts to empower UAE national women.

UAE National Women Executives

At a senior management level, ADCB is one of the first banks in the UAE to support UAE national female talent. ADCB executive Ms.Siddiqa Abbas has held several senior level management positions, including General Manager of ITMAM, under which the Tamooha programme sits. Our efforts towards empowering UAE national female talent has been recognized externally.

In 2017 Ms. Abbas received the "Best Initiative Award" at the Global Women in Leadership Economic Forum, and the "Distinguished Woman in the Banking & Finance Sectors Award" from the Emirates Institute for Banking & Financial Studies in 2012. She was also recognized as the "Distinguished Woman in the Banking & Finance Sectors Award" from The Emirates Institute for Banking & Financial Studies in 2012 along with Ms.Samra Haboosh a fellow ADCB UAE national female executive.Both Ms. Abbas and Ms. Haboosh have been employed at ADCB for over 10 years and attribute their success to ADCB's continous support of UAE national women.

Ms Abbas was recently appointed to join the Management Executive Committee. Read press release

* as at 31 Dec 2017