Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

ADCB's long-term success depends on employees who understand and are engaged in our long-term strategy, and who feel a personal connection to our organization. To promote strong engagement, we survey our employees annually and benchmark our performance against peer organizations. This process helps us address barriers to effective performance, expand on successful initiatives, and improve our employees' engagement with the Bank and our compelling vision for the future.

Employee engagement*

Employee Engagement Survey

ADCB's annual Employee Engagement Survey solicits confidential feedback from all employees on a comprehensive set of workplace aspects. We have been soliciting feedback annually for the past ten years on parameters including engagement, enablement, NPS*, Manager Index and Values awareness questions. Consistent with the results of the last five years' surveys, during which the bank reached high levels of between 70-76%, increasing year-on-year, in 2017 the Bank maintained its highest overall level of employee engagement at 77%, a leading position among regional and global high-performance companies. These results demonstrate a robust employee commitment to the Bank's strategy and business prospects, with the highest scores attributed to ADCB Values. Outsourced staff were also included in the survey, delivering an outcome of 92% engagement.

Our Human Resources Team was recognized in 2016 at the Gulf Customer Experience Awards for 'Best Employee Engagement in Financial Services.'

On-boarding Process Introduces a Culture of Excellence

I immediately felt that ADCB did its best to welcome me into the corporate family. I immediately felt that ADCB did its best to welcome me into the corporate family. clearly imparted the vision of how ADCB wants to differentiate itself in the market and what we as employees can to do contribute to its success. The structure and delivery of the induction days were both professional and engaging. I was also assigned a personal on-boarding HR manager who took away a lot of stress, helping me sort out all my legal and employee paperwork, every step of the way."

 Source: New employee

In July 2014, ADCB introduced a mandatory on-boarding programme that helps all new employees transition into the Bank's "Service Excellence" culture. The programme consists of an orientation session and workshops aligned to the Bank's strategy and vision to be the number one bank of choice. We provide the tools to understand and achieve our customer service excellence commitments. Dedicated on-boarding Relationship Managers help reduce the stress of joining a new organisation by facilitating each new employee's on-boarding process.

* as at 31 Dec 2017