Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

The UAE Vision 2021 calls for a focused effort to provide job opportunities for UAE nationals in the public and private sectors. ADCB has one of the strongest nationalisation rates in the UAE's private sector and ranks among the leading banks in Emiratisation. We support this initiative by creating meaningful opportunities for UAE nationals at all organizational levels to achieve their ambitions. ADCB actively recruits talented national graduates and provides valuable professional training while supporting their career growth and promoting financial stability. We also sponsor a number of programs that directly support Emiratisation.

Ambition University

Our flagship corporate university was designed to advance business-driven learning and ultimately create value for our employees, our shareholders and our customers. The university's 'Leadership & Management' and 'Emirati' Academies aim to develop sustainable leadership and management capabilities within ADCB. These programmes increase our efficiency and enable us to meet current and future business challenges, as well as to support continuous personal development and growth.

In 2017, we focused on enhancing our in-house capabilities to design and integrate e-learning programmes into the way our business lines operate, with the aim to empower business to create and share learning and knowledge as part of their daily operations. This approach delivered 32% more efficiency, enabling us to deliver 187,456 training hours in 2017 compared to 142,000 hours delivered in 2016.

UAE National Talent Development Programme

88% of our branch managers were UAE Nationals*

ADCB's Emiratisation strategy aims to accelerate the development and career progression of our UAE national workforce through our UAE National Development Programme. The Programme identifies high-performing UAE national talent across the organization and provides tailored assessments, development activities and learning interventions, and individual feedback sessions over a 12-month period, to develop key strengths, leadership and executive competencies. The Programme is delivered by external development professionals and is tailored to the employee's organizational level; for example, our level 1 top UAE national talent (executive level) participated in the ADCB-INSEAD Leading Transformational Change programme, which was developed and delivered in partnership with INSEAD Business School. We believe that the Programme empowers our most capable and ambitious UAE national employees to take the lead within their chosen business field and facilitates the creation of a pipeline of future talent across all organizational levels, thereby positioning ADCB to attract and retain top UAE national professional talent.

* as at 31 Dec 2017