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Risk Management Solutions

At ADCB our objective is to provide clients with the most comprehensive and innovative risk management solutions executed in the most efficient way.

We work very closely with our clients and are committed to providing bespoke structured solutions tailor-made to help clients mitigate risk exposures in interest rates, foreign exchange, commodities, equity and credit. We also provide advisory services to clients to resolve liquidity and cash flow management issues.

Our hedging solutions range across a wide spectrum of products in interest rate derivatives, commodities derivatives, credit derivatives, equity derivatives and foreign exchange derivatives.

Some of the products that we have to offer are listed below.

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  • Interest rate hedging

    • Forward Rate Agreement (FRA)
    • Vanilla Interest Rate Swap (IRS)
      1. Knock Out swap (KO swap)
      2. Callable swap
      3. Range Accrual swaps
      4. Floater swaps
      5. Extendable swap
      6. Switchable swap
      7. Cross currency interest rate swaps
    • Other exotic swaps that are tailor-made to suit the client's specific needs
  • Foreign Exchange Hedging

    • Spot FX
    • FX forward
    • FX Swap
    • Cross currency swap
    • Options call and put(vanilla and exotic)
    • Target redemption forward, discounted forward and other exotic FX derivatives
  • Commodities Hedging (Industrials, Precious Metals and Energy)

    • Commodity forward
    • Commodity swaps
    • Options call and put (vanilla and exotic)
    • Synthetic forward, bullet swap and other exotic commodities derivatives
  • Equity Hedging

    • Options call and put (vanilla and exotic)

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