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19 September 2005

ADCB Protecting its Credit Card holders against fraud

Following the recent disclosure that an "unauthorized individual" had infiltrated the computer network of a US-based third-party credit card payment processor and accessed the details of up to 40 million cardholders globally, ADCB would like to reassure all our cardholders and clients that we were able to quickly identify and make safe all impacted cards, using our advanced fraud monitoring system.

"Based on information provided to us promptly by MasterCard and Visa we have proactively contacted our customers and promptly replaced 109potentially impacted cards with minimal disruption. We would like to assure all our customers that we have taken the appropriate steps to eliminate any adverse impact to their cards due to this incident" Said Mr. Steve Dickens Chief Operations Officer.

"The increased financial convenience and flexibility that technology offers to us all these days regretfully bring with it an ever-present risk of opportunistic crime. We at ADCB take the risk of technology fraud extremely seriously and never rest in being able to react quickly and decisively to protect our customers." he added.

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