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12 November 2007

ADCB takes the lead with Employee Engagement

Abu Dhabi, 12 November 2007: ADCB in conjunction with Zarca Interactive, one of the leading providers of next generation research solutions in the US, is actively promoting the establishment of a benchmarking forum within the financial sector to facilitate the comparison of data from employee engagement surveys.

Last month, ADCB and Zarca Interactive hosted a seminar at the Grosvenor House to promote both the new establishment of the benchmarking forum and launch the new Employee Engagement Survey designed specifically for the UAE. Considerable interest has already been generated from the thirteen local and international banks invited to the seminar and ADCB is keen to hear from any other interested banks or financial institutions who would be interested in participating.

The Employee Engagement Survey was designed specifically for the UAE,
using the USA model which was developed and tested with 16 Forbes listed ‘Best in Class’ organizations in the USA.

Employee Engagement is the heightened connection that a person has with his/her job, leadership, co-workers, managers, organizations that influences him/her to apply additional effort on the job.

By measuring the three components of Employee Engagement:

  • Cognitive - Sense of satisfaction
  • Emotional - Heightened emotional attachment
  • Behavioural - Discretionary effort

An organization will be able to assess how employees feel about the work experience, their employer and the leaders, their own role and the environment which drives their discretionary behaviour. This is the driver behind performing above the required level and going that ‘extra mile’ and working to the highest standards, applying creative energy to the workplace and having a vested interest in the success of the organization.

Why is this so important? Highly engaged employees outperform their disengaged counterparts by 20-28 percentage points. Disengaged employees cost the USA economy $300 billion a year in lost productivity costs (Gallop, 2004)

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