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Saving Accounts

Whether you are saving for your child’s school fees or for your educational aspirations, ADCB Savings Accounts earn you more on your savings.

At ADCB, we believe that there is no better way of investing for your child's long-term education than setting up an account in his or her own name. As part of our innovative 'Banking on Education' product range, ADCB offers two great accounts that help you save money for you or your child’s education.

@ctive Saver Account

The @ctive Saver is an account designed to ensure you get the best possible returns on your hard-earned savings. It can be opened online and there's no need to visit a branch. With @ctive Saver the more you save, the more you will earn, with our tiered interest slabs and daily calculation of interest.

@ctive Saver can help you build an "@ctive habit" – transferring money into your @ctive Saver account is just a mouse click away, so it's easier to develop a regular saving habit. The account also encourages saving, with no ATM card or chequebook, there is less temptation to withdraw from your kitty.

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Investments & Protection

'Banking on Education' provides a wide range of savings, investment and insurance solutions that will complement your financial needs.

Whether you need a lump sum investment, a monthly subscription to an investment to accumulate savings or life insurance to protect your loved ones, ADCB has a solution for all your requirements.

We have teams of well-qualified and experienced people to help you on your wealth journey and guide you to choose the right products to suit you and your family.

If you would like to talk to us about any of our products and services, please call 800 2030 and a member of our team will be delighted to assist you.  Alternatively, please speak to your Relationship Manager or visit any of our ADCB branches across the UAE.

Disclaimer: Investment products are not bank deposits and are not guaranteed by ADCB. They are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Please refer to Terms & Conditions for Investment Services.

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Education Loan

Do you wish to return to higher education to boost your career? Don’t tet your finances get in the way of your ambitions.

With flexible repayment tenures and minimum documentation, the ADCB Education Loan is the ideal instrument for your immediate financing needs. Unique among UAE banks, we offer pre-approval for the ADCB Education Loan at no extra charge, which means that you can select your institution secure in the knowledge that you have funds available.

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Tools & Planners

010. Tools and Planners

Plan and secure your educational goals with our smart tools and planners.

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