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Whether you are saving for your child's school fees or for your educational aspirations, ADCB Savings accounts earn you more on your savings.

At ADCB, we believe that there is no better way of investing for your child's long-term education than setting up an account in his or her own name. As part of our innovative ‘Banking on Education' product range, ADCB offers two great accounts that help you save money for you or your child's education

@ctive Saver Account

The @ctive Saver is an account designed to ensure you get the best possible returns on your hard earned savings. It can be opened online and there's no need to visit a branch. With @ctive Saver the more you save, the more you will earn, with our tiered interest slabs and daily calculation of interest.

@ctive Saver can help you build a "@ctive habit" - Transferring money into your @ctive saver account is just a mouse click away, so it's easier to develop a regular saving habit. The account also encourages saving - with no ATM card or chequebook, there is lesser temptation to withdraw from your kitty.

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Child Saver Account

We at ADCB realize that your children are your most precious investment! There is no better way of investing for their long-term education than setting up an account in their name. The Child Saver Account cultivates the discipline of saving for a purpose in your children, and is also an instrument for you to plan for your children's education.

The account is available in AEDs and other major currencies and can be opened in the name of any young person who is not more than 21 years old.

Get a range of attractive features and benefits with the Child Saver Account:

  • Higher interest rates on Savings, Touch Points rewards on transactions and against the account balance
  • A free debit card with the Child Saver account
  • Enjoy Free Banking* - with free teller transactions, free statements, free funds transfers and a lot more

If you already have an account with ADCB, it's easy to open a Child Saver Account on behalf of your son or daughter. If not, you could choose to open an ADCB account and a Child Saver account.

*Free Banking Terms & Conditions & Fair Usage Policy applies

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