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Corporate Trust Services (Escrow) Commercial Escrow Services


Banking support that’s secure, flexible and reliable

We offer an approach to client banking that reduces the administrative burden. We work with you to help with regulatory obligations and to deliver simple, transparent and effective solutions.


Perfect for businesses which manage large numbers of client accounts, including:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Facilitation of an M&A transaction to cover holdback amounts related to reps and warranties, purchase price adjustments, regulatory approvals and employee retention, as well as ‘good-faith’ deposits, such as commitment/ability to fund a transaction
  • Financing: Counterparty risk in project and infrastructure finance, acquisition finance and cash collateralized credit


  • Dedicated relationship managers
  • Intuitive online technology
  • Real-time cash management facilities
  • A full suite of reports for efficient account management
  • The ability to maximise interest earnings
  • 24-hour access to funds
  • Multi-currency options. (USD, GBP, SAR)
  • Low transparent fees

The preferred business partner for our valued customers

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