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Earn enhanced returns

This facility allows the client to enter into structured investments for various tenors across various classes. These structured investments can be partially or fully principal protected depending on the client’s risk appetite and returns requirement. The returns on these investments are linked to one or multiple indices and can be across asset classes (for eg: FX, rates, commodities, equities, etc). Please find below a few examples of Structured Investments.

Dual Currency Investment

This is an investment strategy which allows the client to earn potentially higher returns on investments. In this structure, the client sells an option (call option or put option) at a pre-agreed strike rate. The client may receive the principal and interest amount in either the base currency invested in, or the alternate currency of the currency pair depending on fixing rate of the underlying currency at expiry vis-à-vis the strike on the FX option.

Floored Floater Structured Investment

Under this structure, the client’s return is linked and directly proportional to a particular index. If the index increases, the client gets a higher rate of interest, and if the index decreases, the client gets a lower rate of interest subject to the minimum floor rate.

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