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Insurance Business Protection Solutions


Business Protection - covering what matters

Protect the heart of your business with Business Protection solutions through ADCB and safeguard your business interests against Key Person loss, Business Liabilities and Shareholder & Partnership Protection

74 years
Maximum Entry Age
For Key Person cover
3x Up to
Average Annual Gross Profit
Maximum life insurance cover
36 Up to
Critical illnesses covered

Keep in mind

  • Company will be policy owner & payor, the Key Person/Partner or Shareholder will be the life insured and the Company will also be the appointed beneficiary.
  • Non-disclosure of any material information about health condition and medical history as required by the insurance provider may void your life insurance application or lead to any future claims being rejected by insurance providers.
  • Claim under Critical illness benefit will only be accepted where the claim event occurs 90 days or more after the policy commencement date.
Key Features and Benefits

  • Cover for business loans - this is possible with personal guarantees
  • Cover for loan accounts - this is the money owed to a bank or a lending institution
  • Cover for overdrafts - this is an extension of the credit limit from a bank or lending institution

  • Covers salary of the key person during the period of extended absence due to critical illness or disability
  • Covers recruitment costs to replace the key person
  • Covers loss of revenue due to the loss of the key person
  • Helps ensure business continuity after loss of the key person
  • Helps pay off company debt

  • Compensates for loss of a shareholder/partner if either dies or suffers a serious illness
  • Enables transfer of shares from inheritors
  • Facilitates adequate compensation for the family of the deceased through a buyback of shares

Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions

Insurance Products are made available to you based on your need analysis and request. Insurance products are underwritten by respective insurance providers and issued subject to their terms and conditions. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (The Bank) does not offer insurance advice, nor does it manage, underwrite or issue insurance policies.

The Bank is not responsible for rejected applications or claims by any insurance company. Premiums received by the Bank for insurance plans are not bank deposits. Investment products are not bank deposits and are not guaranteed by the Bank. They are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principle amount invested. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Please refer to the bank’s Wealth Services Terms & Conditions

This website is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to purchase investment products.

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