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Payment Services Corporate Cards


The corporate cards service that can transform your business

Enjoy convenient payments, tailored for your company and employees.

Key features

Easily request as many cards as your business needs (one card issued per account)

  • Manage all your balances 24/7 online with ProCash
  • Use the internal funds transfer function to increase or decrease the available balances of the card accounts
  • Generate and view detailed statements for each card account. Urgent card cancellation facility for lost or stolen cards


  • Ideal for day-to-day business operations and expenses
  • Convenient and efficient payments
  • Chip & PIN, Contactless and 3D secure
  • Designed for infrequent travel
  • Access to 22 Regional Lounges*
  • Withdrawal of cash up to 60% of the card limit
  • Chip & PIN, Contactless and 3D secure
Corporate Exclusive
  • Ideal for senior staff members and frequent travel
  • Withdrawal of cash up to 60% of the card limit
  • Range of insurance benefits including travel insurance
  • Unlimited lounge access worldwide with LoungeKey
  • Complimentary golf course access** to 3 different courses
  • Chip & PIN, Contactless and 3D secure


  • 24/7 access to your card accounts via ProCash
  • Secure transactions with cards using PIN
  • Safer and quicker access to cash 24/7 at ATMs
  • Reduced risk of cash theft / loss

  • Global acceptance with MasterCard
  • Maximise cash flow with interest-free period of up to 50 days
  • Increased control and monitoring
  • Secure transactions
  • Expense reporting with easy billing and automated reconciliations
  • No effect on the cardholders’ personal DBR
  • Company name embossed on your card
  • Cardholder access to account information via ADCB Mobile / Internet Banking
  • Dedicated access to Programme Admins on 04 426 5900 or

The preferred business partner for our valued customers

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