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Collection Services Cash@Request


Collect or deliver cash worldwide with our range of secure delivery services

We offer a comprehensive range of cash collection and delivery services, such as insured pickup and overnight storage, to help make your banking experience more efficient and manageable.

Key features

  • Increased security with our highly-specialised secure collections providers
  • Reduced risk for Takaful premiums and costs usually associated with overnight or large cash holding
  • Minimised risk of having cash and cheques in transit
  • Better convenience with flexible cash pickup and delivery timings
  • Increased efficiency through managing funds’ flow position effectively from a central location
  • Enhanced productivity with focus directed at core business activities

The preferred business partner for our valued customers

In order to deliver the service that’s right for you, we’d like to know more about you, so please complete this form and one of our relationship managers will contact you personally.
  • We guarantee a response within 24 hours
  • Get in touch during opening hours (8am to 4pm from Sunday to Thursday).
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