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Collection Services Corporate Cheque Scanning Solution


Cheque collection just became a whole lot easier

If your business receives a lot of cheques, you'll enjoy our fast, convenient and secure corporate cheque scanning solutions.

Key features

  • Cheques are deposited through a special scanner at your premises
  • Both current-dated and post-dates cheques can be scanned
  • Increased protection against fraud and duplicated cheques though encryption and other in-built authentication mechanisms
  • Option to add a narration / reference for the statement
  • Built-in controls to validate information such as batch totals and number of cheques
  • Verifications made by a maker and checker before submitting the cheques for clearing


  • Fast, convenient and secured cheque deposit process
  • Full control and template
  • Simplified management of returned cheques
  • Extended Deposit Window - even after banking hours and on weekends
  • Courier pick-up available
  • Dramatically reduce costs by eliminating daily delivery of cheques
  • Simplified reconciliation through detailed reports

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