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Documentary credits - Import


Help with trade payables when you really need it

Rely on us to help you reduce the risk of importing goods.

Import Letters of Credits (LC)

  • For a convenient and flexible payment solution that mitigates risks in international trade, ask about Import Letters of Credit. It can be tailored to the buyer’s specific needs while giving suppliers reassurance that they will be paid, bridging gaps between the varying needs of all parties.

Import Collections

  • Our solution means you can receive goods before you pay for them. We will manage the financial and commercial documents and make payment on your behalf.

Finance Against Imports / Trust Receipts

  • It can take time to realise the profits on imported goods. To bridge the gap between paying for the imports and selling them on, we offer a finance facility under Import LC or Import Collection helping you extend the credit period. Goods are released to you under trust receipts, enabling their immediate use or on-sale.

Shipping Guarantees

  • If your goods arrive before the shipping documents have been processed, our shipping guarantee lets you take the goods before the Negotiable Bill of Lading is received.

Other ways to apply

Call Trade Finance Client Services

Call Trade Finance Client Services

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