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Hospitality Integrated Services


Get more for your business and enhance the customer experience by aligning your card payments system

Our packaged solution allows you to offer the highest levels of service by integrating your electronic cash registers (ECR) at the payment point with the card payment terminal.


The Hospitality Solution is a fully-integrated payment service that enables hotels to process card payments directly through the front office, and restaurant cash register software which works with all the major hospitality systems available in the market. Our packaged solution helps the hospitality merchants offer the high level of services that they aspire to offer to their clients


  • Full hospitality function– pre-authorisation to settlement
  • Faster transaction time
  • Reduces manual intervention at the time of card acceptance
  • Avoids operational errors
  • Reduces time spent on the card reconciliation process
  • Manages transactions at various outlets within the hotel property

Merchant Guides

  • Click here to view the Merchant Best Practices Guide
  • Click here to view the PCIDSS Guide
  • Click here for Terms and Conditions applicable to ADCB Merchant Services

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