Offshore Fixed Deposits


Make your money work for you

Enjoy competitive interest rates on Offshore Fixed Deposits, across a wide array of tenors and foreign currency options to suit all your medium to long savings needs.

0.65% Up to
Per annum on
Offshore USD Century Deposits
0.55% Up to
Per annum on
Offshore USD Term Deposits
0.25% Up to
Per annum on
Offshore GBP Term Deposits

Keep in mind

  • Interest payment on premature withdrawal of fixed deposits will be charged at 1% p.a. less than the interest rate that is applicable for the actual tenor and will be payable for the actual number of days the fixed deposit was maintained, unless provided otherwise in any applicable supplemental terms and conditions of a specific fixed deposit product.
Key Features and Benefits

  • Available in all major currencies such as USD, GBP and AUD, with the added security from ADCB Offshore Banking.
  • Minimum Deposit USD 1,500 or its equivalent in respective currency
  • Flexible tenures in days: 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 375, 400 and months: 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, 13

Interest Rates

Offshore Century Deposits Rates*
Tenure USD
(Rates effective till
14th March,2020)
(Rates effective from
15th March,2020)
400 days 1.20% 0.65%
375 days 1.15% 0.60%
200 days 1.00% 0.55%
150 days 0.95% 0.50%
100 days 0.90% 0.45%
75 days 0.85% 0.40%
50 days 0.50% 0.25%

Offshore Term Deposit Rates*

Interest Rates effective from 15th March,2020

13 Months 0.55% Not Available Not Available
12 Months 0.45% 0.25% 0.25%
6 Months 0.40% 0.20% 0.20%
3 Months 0.35% 0.15% 0.15%
2 Months 0.30% 0.10% 0.10%
1 Month 0.20% 0.05% 0.05%

Interest Rates effective till 14th March,2020

13 Months 1.10% Not Available Not Available
12 Months 1.00% 0.30% 0.40%
6 Months 0.80% 0.25% 0.35%
3 Months 0.75% 0.20% 0.30%
2 Months 0.50% 0.15% 0.20%
1 Month 0.30% 0.10% 0.15%

*Interest rates are per annum and subject to change without prior notice. Minimum deposit amounts are USD 1,500, AUD 1,500 & GBP 1,500 (as applicable).

ADCB Offshore Premium Deposit Rates**

Tenure USD
(Rates effective till
3rd February,2020)
(Rates effective from
4th February,2020)
5 Years 1.50% 0.50%
3 Years 1.40% 0.40%

** Please note ADCB Offshore Premium Deposit currency is in USD only


Tenure TouchPoints earned
1 month 10
2 months 20
3 months 40
6 months 100
12 months and above 300

*Touchpoints are not rewarded for Offshore Century Fixed Deposits. Touchpoints will be earned if deposit amount is AED 100,000 or more (in currency equivalent). The number of Touchpoints earned will vary accordingly to the tenure of the deposit. Please note all touchpoint rewards are paid on deposit maturity.

Terms and Conditions Apply. For further details, please click here.


  • Open for Excellency and Private customers only
  • Open for Residents of UAE only

Charges and Fees

For ADCB Offshore Banking Fees and Charges, please click here.

ADCB Jersey Disclaimer

ADCB Offshore Banking – Jersey Branch is a registered business name of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC, Jersey Branch (“ADCB Jersey”), which is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Its principal place of business in Jersey is 27 Hill Street, St Helier, JE2 4UA. The registered head office of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Head Office Building, Sheikh Zayed Street, Plot C-33, Sector E-11, P.O. Box 939, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank’s latest financial statements may be viewed at

ADCB Jersey is a participant in the Jersey Bank Depositors Compensation Scheme. The Scheme offers protection for eligible deposits of up to £50,000. The maximum total amount of compensation is capped at £100,000,000 in any 5 year period. Full details of the Scheme and banking groups covered are available on the States of Jersey website:, or on request.

Terms and conditions

For ADCB Offshore Banking Terms and Conditions, please click here.

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