Protecting your financial identity

Protect Your Password

Passwords should be your best-kept secrets

Passwords are used to authenticate your identity. A lost or leaked password can result in the misuse of your personal information, bank account information, and social contacts and correspondence.


  • Change your passwords regularly
  • If you suspect that your Internet Banking password has been compromised, change it immediately and report the incident to the Bank.
  • Disable Auto Complete or Remember Password options in the Internet Browser while accessing Internet Banking systems.
  • Always close the Internet Browser window once you have logged out of the Internet Banking site.


  • Disclose your PIN or password to anyone else, including Bank staff. (Note: We will NEVER ask for these details).
  • Use your birth date or name as your PIN or password. Internet Passwords should be alpha numeric e.g. pencil37.
  • Store passwords on your computer.

Please report any suspected privacy abuses or other related security issues to 600 50 2030 within the UAE or to +971 2 6210090 outside the UAE. Please remember that the Bank will never ask for personal information such as passwords and PINs.

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