National Loan Scheme (NLS)


The National Loans Scheme was announced by the Central Bank of the UAE in March 2019. The NLS is designed as a solution to assist UAE national customers who have a debt burden ratio (DBR) exceeding 50% and a tenure exceeding four years.

The NLS is based around current loans, excluding mortgage and loan against margin, being combined and restructured, by reducing the interest rate (applying 3-month EIBOR*).

ADCB confirms its participation in and support of the NLS, and will receive loan applications from our UAE National customers who meet the NLS criteria, as outlined by the Central Bank.

We will contact our eligible customers by phone, SMS and email during the availability period. Eligible customers can also contact us directly to enroll in this scheme.

NLS benefits

  • Consolidate your existing facilities with ADCB under one loan.
  • Reduce your rate of interest to 3 months EIBOR*.
  • Reduce your DBR to 50%.

Qualifying criteria for NLS

  • Customer must be a UAE national.
  • Loans granted before May 2011.
  • DBR exceeding 50% (30% for pensioners).
  • Existing loan residual tenor exceeding 48 months (60 months for GHQ employees).

NLS mandatory provisions

  • Draw-down loan in case of additional income, e.g., Bonus.
  • Automatic increase in the monthly installment in the event of increase in income in line with NLS regulations.
  • Irrevocable salary assignment from existing / future employers until full settlement of the NLS loan.
  • Assignment of unencumbered rental income to ADCB.
  • No EMI deferments or payment holiday to be requested during the entire NLS loan tenure.
  • No further borrowings with any banks / financial institutions in the UAE during the tenor of the NLS loan or the repayment period.
  • Proof of income as and when required by the Bank during the NLS loan tenor.
  • The structured loan status in Al Etihad Credit Bureau will be reported under the NLS, which will not allow the customer to apply for any new borrowing neither with ADCB not with any other bank/financial institution until the NLS is fully settled and close.

Required documents

  • Personal Loan Application Form
  • Emirates ID
  • Latest Income document
  • Undertaking and Declaration Form
  • Consent Form

Terms and Conditions

ADCB Loans will be made available at the sole discretion of ADCB, subject to ADCB 's terms and conditions applicable to the loan and upon submission of documentation acceptable to ADCB.

* EIBOR is the UAE Dirham Interbank offered rate for UAE Dirhams as determined by ADCB from time to time. If the loan interest rate is based on EIBOR, it may vary from time to time as a result of fluctuations in EIBOR.

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