The face of ambition has changed.

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Money Can't Buy Ambition

At ADCB, we look at money a little differently than most banks.

We think money gets a little too much credit.

Money can pay tuition. But it can’t earn the diploma.

Money can lease office space.
But it can’t dream up a business worth launching.

Money can buy a violin. But it can't pick it up and learn to play.

We believe in the currency of ambition.

It’s people and their dreams that make money count.

At ADCB, we understand the unique banking needs of ambitious people.
It’s why we offer the UAE’s only free banking. It’s why we have designed award winning online banking and
mobile banking solutions to make your 24/7 banking experience more convenient and easy.

And now, it’s why we’re evolving the look of our brand and
the design of our branches to provide a more friendly,
modern and personalized banking experience.
Quite simply, the new ADCB is our investment in your ambition.

Because without ambition, money would never amount to anything.

The New Look of Our Brand.

We redesigned the new ADCB mark to be more warm, modern and approachable. We wanted it to reflect the level of personal treatment we strive to give our customers. The new logo uses more modern letterforms and features softer edges that give it a more friendly and human feeling.

The evolved ADCB arrow now points decisively forward, to signify the path of your ambition journey.

The New Look of Our Branches.

We want the ADCB branch to be unlike anything else in the UAE. A rewarding journey, where customer service is everything. We want to foster closer relationships, where our focus on one-to-one personal banking takes centre-stage. We’re making our Customer Relationship Officers more accessible and we’re making the space where you interact with them more ergonomic and welcoming.

Our new branches will exude a signature ambience with bespoke lighting, textures and finishes – all carefully combined to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Meanwhile, the more intuitive layout will let you instantly know where you are, and where you need to go.

An ambitious approach to banking.

At ADCB we provide financial products and services to help propel you toward your dreams.
But you provide the one essential ingredient that money cannot. You provide the ambition.
Our new advertising campaign is a celebration of you, our customers.
Because without your ambition, money would never amount to anything.