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Now send money through your credit card

Introducing ReadyMoney, UAE's first credit card money transfer solution

Introducing ReadyMoney - UAE's first credit card money transfer solution that helps you transfer money
internationally, even when you are low on funds.

With ReadyMoney, you can now help your family when they need some additional cash, without having
to wait for the next salary cheque.

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  • ReadyMoney offers exclusive benefits of:

    • Up to 50 days of free credit
    • International money transfer on the go using ADCB Mobile App/ ADCB Personal Internet Banking.
    • Utilize up to 25% of your credit limit for international money transfer.
  • How do I use Ready Money?

    • Login to your ADCB Mobile App/ Personal Internet Banking
    • Create a new beneficiary (one-time registration) or select from your registered beneficiary list.
    • Proceed with the transfer to the beneficiary by selecting credit card in the 'source account' field

    Note: ReadyMoney allows you to transfer money to other banks outside the UAE and through India Online,

  • FAQs

    • Can I transfer funds locally within the UAE? 
      No, ReadyMoney can only be used to convert and send money internationally - to other banks outside the UAE and through India Online
    • Will this transaction be treated as a cash withdrawal on the Credit card and charged interest? 
      No, this will be treated like a retail purchase / e-commerce transaction for up to 50 days where no interest is charged on the amount utilized.
    • What are the charges for the transfer? 
      Money transfer charges: Free banking applies to transfers sent with 'SHARED' mode of charges. Click here for details. AED 100 would be applied for money transfer sent with charges as 'OUR'. Credit processing fees: Limited period offer of Zero processing fees. 
    • What is the maximum amount I can transfer? 
      A maximum amount of up to 25% of the total card limit, subject to availability of credit balance, can be sent out as an international money transfer.
      Example: If you have a Credit card with a limit of AED 20,000 and available limit of AED 10,000, you will be able to transfer maximum of AED 5,000 in one or more transactions.
    • Can I convert this transaction to an easy payment plan? 
      Yes, this transaction would be treated as a retail transaction and available for easy payment plans subject to payment of applicable fees and charges.
    • Will I get cash-back / TouchPoints/ LuLuPoints/ Etihad guest above miles or any other loyalty points? 
      No, these transactions are not eligible for any cash-back or loyalty points.

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Terms and Conditions Apply

All financing and credit facilities are made available at the sole discretion of ADCB and is subject to
ADCB's terms and conditions and submission of acceptable documentation.

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