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Frequently Asked Questions – ADCB Chip & PIN Credit Cards

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  1. What is Chip and PIN?

  2. Why is creating a PIN important?

  3. How can I create or change my PIN?

  4. How can I create or change my PIN through Phone Banking?

  5. When do I need to use my PIN?

  6. Will I be asked for my signature?

  7. What if the shop does not have a Chip and PIN machine?

  8. What if someone asks me for my PIN?

  9. Won’t people easily be able to see me enter my PIN on the PIN machine?

  10. Will I be held liable if my Chip and PIN card is lost or stolen?

  11. Can I use the same PIN as that of my ADCB Debit Card?

  12. Will the Credit Card PIN be the same for purchases as well as cash withdrawals?

  13. I had previously set a PIN on my Credit Card. Do I need to set a PIN again?

  14. Will my supplementary card require a separate PIN?

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