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Membership Criteria


The Membership for the exclusive ADCB Privilege Club is based on the eligibility criteria defined below:

  • Customers having minimum monthly relationship balance* of AED 200,000. OR
  • Customers having mortgage relationship of minimum AED 1,000,000. OR
  • Customers having salary transfer of AED 20,000 or more OR
  • Customers having either one of the following Bancassurance Products:
    - Lumpsum USD 25,000 or above
    - Protection Plan: Annual Premium of USD 6,000 or above
    - Contractual Savings Plan: Annual Premium of USD 12,000 or above

Monthly Membership Fee

There is a no monthly Membership fee for the ADCB Privilege Club.

Visit one of our ADCB branches, or call our 24-hour Contact Centre on 600 50 8008 for more information

* Relationship balance is the combined total average balance of Current Account, Savings Account, Call Account, Fixed Deposits and Investments.

Membership enrollment to the ADCB Privilege Club is subject to Terms and Conditions.

3 Simple Ways To Apply

Call - 600 50 8008
SMS - CLUB to 2626

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  • Chat

Call - 600 50 8008

SMS - CLUB to 2626

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