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FAQ - Mortgage Services

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  1. Who can apply for an ADCB Mortgage?

  2. What is the minimum income required per month to avail a mortgage from ADCB?

  3. Do I need to be an existing ADCB account holder or customer to apply for a mortgage?

  4. How do I apply for an ADCB mortgage?

  5. What is the maximum and minimum mortgage loan amount that I can avail?

  6. I own multiple properties; can I take mortgage finance for each one of them or is there any restriction on the number of properties that I can mortgage from ADCB?

  7. What is the applicable interest rate?

  8. Is it mandatory to take a life and property insurance to avail a Mortgage Loan from ADCB?

  9. I have an existing life insurance policy. Do I still need to take a policy from the Bank?

  10. Am I allowed to partially or fully settle my loan at any time?

  11. Do I have to transfer my salary or business income to ADCB to avail an ADCB Mortgage?

  12. What is the maximum number of years I can take a mortgage for?

  13. Can I take an ADCB mortgage loan against any property in the UAE?

  14. How is the interest calculated on my mortgage loan?

  15. When do I start making my monthly repayments?

  16. How can I request details of my existing loan (i.e. outstanding loan amount, current rate of interest applied, and current monthly instalment calculation)?

  17. Can I defer my mortgage loan repayment?

  18. What if I am no longer a UAE resident, but I am still holding an ADCB mortgage loan; will the terms of my loan change or will I need to settle my loan?

  19. Can I reschedule my existing mortgage loan?

  20. What is the procedure for loan settlement?

  21. Which all properties and projects in the UAE approved for mortgage financing by ADCB?

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