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With ProTrade international trade financing is fast, simple and secure. You will experience fewer trade cycles, lower operating costs and benefit from automated supply chains.

Key Benefits

  • Accessible to you all times
  • Apply for Guarantee issuance / Amendments / extension requests online
  • Customized templates for project related requests can be made available reducing processing time at your end
  • Receive notice of transactions online and make online enquiries
  • Apply for Import Letters of Credit online and receive advice of Export Letters of Credit received by the Bank on which you are the beneficiary
  • Provide online disposal instructions for documents under credit or collection documents
  • Dedicated help-desk available 24x7


  • A fast, efficient and user friendly online tool catering to all your guarantee / LC requirements – available 24x7
  • Single Sign On, integrated with the Corporate Internet Banking platform, means you only need to login once
  • Straight-through processing and paperless transactions mean operations can be transacted instantly, with no delays
  • Runs with 128 bit encryption, which means transactions are fully secure – more secure than signatures which can be forged
  • Customized MIS reports can be made online for better management of risk and monitoring by yourselves
  • Line Limit Representation Accessible

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