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Go Trade Features

FX Offerings

In light of changing market dynamics and the need for speed, accuracy and efficiency, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC (“ADCB”) offers a state-of-the-art FX platform “GO TRADE". This platform is relevant to banks, financial and corporate institutions interested or engaged in local and global exchange markets*. GO TRADE has been developed to deliver a seamless price execution for currencies in over 130 pairs. The platform helps you gain control, save cost and achieve better efficiency.
GO TRADE offers competitive currency exchange rates for Spot, Forward, Flexi-Forward, and Swap. It offers all GCC, G10, and a number of emerging market currencies.

Transparent & Consistent Rates

Lock in real-time rates. Check the latest currency rates between 8 AM and 8 PM from Monday to Friday.

Dedicated Customer Support

GO TRADE customer service support are available to assist during GO TRADE operational hours; Monday to Friday 8AM - 8PM.
Phone: +971 2 696 6464
Email: [email protected]

International Payments Made Easy

Buy or sell the currency you want online through GO TRADE. Make online payments simultaneously for you and your supplier (by using PROCASH).

Video Tutorials

Welcome to Go Trade and FX Spot

How to execute a Forward transaction

How to execute a Swap transaction

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