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Manage and finance your working capital requirements with our upgraded online Financing Platform FinTrade

The digital portal is designed to reduce trade cycles, finance supply chains and reduce operating costs, making domestic and international trade and supply chain financing quick, easy & secure to support your working capital requirements based on your approved credit facilities with the bank

Key Benefits

  • Offers you to digitally initiate transaction requests for a variety of product suits including Advance Payment (Purchase), Purchase and Sales Invoice Finance loans
  • Various dynamic dashboards to provide you real-time transaction status updates
  • Customised templates in order to reduce your processing time
  • Additional capabilities i.e., Bulk file upload
  • Instant email notifications for all transactions
  • Dedicated help-desk available
  • Accessible 24x7 allowing for transactions to be made anytime anywhere


  • A fast, efficient and user friendly online tool catering to all your open account financing needs
  • Single Sign On, integrated with the Corporate Internet Banking platform
  • Straight-through processing and paperless transactions mean operations can be transacted instantly, without delays
  • Runs with high encryption, which means transactions are fully secure – more secure than signatures which can be forged
  • Customised reports and widgets available on your landing page for better management and monitoring purposes
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