Service Guarantee


A service promise you can truly bank on

We appreciate and value your trust, which is why we strive to deliver services that exceed your expectations. This includes offering you a guaranteed decision on most of your transactions within three working days.

Products included in the three-day promise

  • TouchPoints Credit Cards
  • Personal Finance
  • Bank accounts*

To ensure that we track your application and the timelines in an efficient manner, please send us an SMS:

  • TouchPoints Credit Card: SMS ‘C’ to 2626
  • Accounts: SMS ‘A’ to 2626
  • Personal Finance: SMS ‘P’ to 2626

In the event that we are unable to meet your request in the promised timeframe, you will earn 5,000 TouchPoints as compensation. No questions asked.

*This offer does not apply to New to Bank customers applying for current account only (due to Shari’ah compliance reasons). To view the terms and conditions, click here.

Replacement of credit cards

Customers who request a credit card replacement by calling the Contact Centre or by visiting one of our branches will qualify for the Service Guarantee.

As part of our Service Guarantee promise for customers, our commitment is to deliver the replacement card by courier within four working days. Should we fail to do so, you will benefit from 5,000 TouchPoints as a compensation.

To view the Terms and Conditions, click here.

Product Return Policy

ADCB Islamic Banking Product return policy applies to Personal Finances, Smart Finances, Auto Finances, Salary Advance Facilities, Islamic Credit Cards and all Islamic CASA Accounts.

The terms and conditions are as follows:

  • The customer must apply for the ‘Product Return’ through the Branch, Contact center or in writing to [email protected] within 7 working days of the finance disbursal or within 30 days of account opening or 30 days from credit card set up.
  • For new Personal Finances, Smart Finances and Auto Finances, the facility to return will result in the Finances being cancelled and all fees and charges refunded to the customer and accrued profit being reversed.
  • For ‘Top up’ Finances, the fees and charges will be reversed and the disbursed amount will be applied towards reducing the principal amount of the Finances.
  • For Salary Advance Facilities, the facility will be cancelled and any fees will be reversed.
  • For Islamic Credit Cards, any fees and charges applied will be reversed but any usage on the card has to be repaid in full. Usage of the Card refers to Retail Transactions, Cash Advances, Balance Transfer or PayOrder facility.
  • For account closure, fees and charges will be waived if the account is closed within 30 days from opening.
  • ADCB Islamic Banking shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever in connection with the exercise of the product return option by the customer.

Other ways to apply

Contact centre

Contact centre

Call our 24-hour contact centre on 600 56 2626.

Apply through SMS

Apply through SMS

SMS 'SIP' to 2626 from your registered mobile number.

Visit us

Visit us

We will be happy to welcome you at any of our branches. Find the closest branch to you